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Weed-Friendly Countries In Europe

It’s freakin’ Europe, dude. If you haven’t seen the movie Stoner Express, go watch it. Just a few days ago, Germany joined Malta and Luxembourg as the third European Union member state to legalize the use of recreational cannabis. Can you imagine traveling to all of the weed-friendly countries in Europe?? Italy, The Netherlands (Amsterdam), Portugal, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and now Germany?! Let’s get you ready for the vacation of a lifetime.

Living the high life: Where in Europe is cannabis use legal?

Pretty much, none of the European nations allow you to use cannabis freely. There is no official green lights for production or sales. Many of them are chill with decriminalizing and putting some rules into place, possibly slapping you with a fine. Since they are all a little different we’re going to break it down for ya. Just don’t fall for those sneaky street vendors, they are just trying to sell you CBD joints saying they’re THC. 


If you didn't already know, Portugal is wyld! Along with weed, all drugs have been decriminalized. The locals prefer hash which is easier to find than flower.


Take a stroll in Porto and check out the book store Livaria Lello. This is the supposed spot that J.K. Rowling used as inspiration for her Harry Potter books. 

Another hot spot is in Lisboa, where you can bring a couple of pre-rolls and ride across the 17km long Vasco da Gama Bridge. You'll get an awesome photo op of the Tagus River


You'll want to be a little bit more discreet here. Medicinal cannabis is allowed but there are no shops that sell recreational cannabis to the public. It's not like cops are searching for tourists lighting up, they are worried about more important things. Keep it under 5 grams to stay out of big trouble.  

Obviously, when in Rome, take some pics of the Colosseum and toss a coin into the Trevi fountain for good-luck! It doesn’t matter if you’re with your significant other or a group of friends, you have to take a gondola ride in Venice.


You'll have luck finding some top-quality bud in Milan and Turin. Scope out the clubs, bars, and event parties. They aren't hard to miss since you'll smell the ganja that will lead you the right way. 

For you artsy, creative stoners, glaze your eyes while you walk through Piazza Castello. You can't leave Italy without munching on some edibles and awe in amazement at the Santa Maria Nascente. It's quite a touristy hot-spot, so best not to spark up a joint in the midst of the crowd. 

Czech Republic

It's surprising that selling and openly smoking cannabis is illegal here, Czech Republic is the most weed-friendly country in Europe. Pot is little more pricey here since it’s typically imported. 

The hottest spots are in Prague where you will have no problems finding some good smoke. Don't get too comfy with the street vendors, they are most likely trying to sell you CBD joints thinking you won't know the difference.

Czech Republic

Places you will want to take a high stroll through are the Prague Castle and smash some authentic Czech Republic grub at Da Tarquinio. Hands down the best pizza around. 

Pilot Programs for Medical Marijuana in Europe

Currently being implemented in Switzerland and The Netherlands, and being considered in Germany and the Czech Republic, is the pilot program strategy. This allows for restricted access to regulated cannabis sales while closely monitoring its impact on public health through a scientific study.


You will deal with a little bit of a different set of rules here. Switzerland allows you to smoke weed, but only strains that contain a max of 1% THC. 

There might be some luck finding locals who can hook you up with some stronger stuff, but choose your help wisely. You have to check out the gorgeous Rhine Falls that can't be described in words.


Kapellbrücke puts you right into a fantasy world. The city is filled with cute boutiques and cafes that will give you a natural boost to your high. 


Getting faded in Germany is literally a walk in the park. Berlin's Görlitzer Park is widely known as a chill, worry-free hangout for locals and dealers.


You have to enjoy the perfect postcard picture view at the Brandenburg Gate. It's a total mind cleanse of pure beauty. 

Let out some belly laughs at the Friedrichstadt-Palast , an increadible theatre that has all sorts of fun entertainment.


The Netherlands

This is non-negotiable on the list of weed-friendly countries in Europe. The Netherlands is the cannabis capitol of the UNIVERSE! Smoking weed is just as acceptable as smoking a cigarette. Locals and law enforcement have a blind eye and won't bother you at all. Just stay respectful and don't light up next to families with children. 

If you are traveling to Amsterdam, what are you even doing if you don’t hit up the Cannabis Museum? Tour guides will take you through the entire history of Cannabis and wow you with the dopest facts about the plant.