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Nerolidol Terpene Effects Explained

Welcome to the big, yet small world of terpenes!

Each terpene has a specific scent, or flavor characteristic, and nerolidol is no different. 

In this article we are going to explore the wonderful relaxing terpene effects of nerolidol, a terpene found in the Seville orange flower known as “Neroli”. 

A Terpene Review 

Before we dive into what nerolidol is good for, let us first review what terpenes are. 

Terpenes are the aromatic compounds that are found in every kind of plant. In other words, they are the parts of scented plants that make smells.

You may have heard of more popular terpenes like pinene, which gives off a smell like a pine tree, but there are a whole host of terpenes, around 150 in cannabis plants. 

Though terpenes exist in flowers and foods, they also exist in cannabis. THC and CBD do not have distinct smells of their own, and so any aromas that weed dispels are because of terpenes. 

Terpenes have different qualities that can help our brains and our bodies. Think aromatherapy. Some smells are good for cleaning up chest congestion, others are good for headaches and relaxation.

Okay, now that we are all on the same page, we can explore the effects that the nerolidol terpene found in marijuana has on the human body.

What is Nerolidol? 

The name “Nerolidol” comes from the bitter Seville orange tree flower called, “Neroli”. 

The characteristics of nerolidol are also found in other plants besides the Neroli. Nerolidol is the simplest way to describe this type of aroma, and is not unique to the neroli orange tree. 

Nerolidol is a calming terpene that is found in plants like: jasmine, lemongrass, ginger, lavender, tea tree, and of course, neroli. 

The scent of nerolidol is commonly found in perfumes and various hair and skincare products. 

It smells of citrus, but is also sweetly floral at the same time, with a hint of woodsy tree-bark. 

Health Benefits of Nerolidol

Most notably, nerolidol is touted as a relaxing sleep aid. 

It is also believed to contain a whole host of medicinal uses and may be anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-anxiety, anti-parasitic, anti-cancer, and if you can believe it, an antioxidant. 

Nerolidol is added to skincare products often because of its high-absorption rate, and it is believed to help aid other compounds and help them to work better. 

Recommended Cannabis Strains

Nerolidol doesn’t just exist for topical application, it can be found in cannabis strains which may contribute to a more relaxed feeling after consumption.

If you are on the hunt for this terpene in your life, look no further. Try out one of these strains for a very relaxed, yet totally balanced high: 

In Conclusion 

Cannabis is a magnificent and giving plant that allows us to sample the medicinal effects of the herb rainbow with ease. 

Do yourself a favor, and get your hands on some herb with dedicated nerolidol terpenes in it. 

You won’t be sorry, because you will be too chill.