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How to Lower Your Weed Tolerance

Think back to the first few times you got high… 

Maybe you laughed until your cheeks hurt from smiling, and you and your friends unpacked the mysteries of weird snacks that go well together. 

Or maybe you got too high and felt paranoid, but had a better experience the next time you smoked. 

If you’re reading this article, you probably kept smoking, and even discovered different ways to consume THC. 

Suddenly the honeymoon phase of cannabis use was over and you went pro. You overcame some of the initial challenges of being stoned, but the big effects of weed aren’t hitting like how they used to. 

Is it possible to get back to that new-smoker feeling? In this article we are going to explore how taking a break from cannabis might be a good move to rekindle your love and appreciation for this incredible plant. 

What is a Tolerance Break?

A tolerance break or a “T-Break” is a self-imposed, scheduled reset to the nervous system where people abstain from cannabis use for days or weeks. 

The body can develop a tolerance to many different things including caffeine, pain, opioids, alcohol, etc. A tolerance just means that the effects of these things don’t work well in small doses anymore due to continued use.

Gradually, the more weed that goes into the body, the more the body will get used to the effects of weed. This means that it takes extra weed to make you feel as high as when you first started. 

If you are noticing these diminishing returns is your own weed use, then it may be time for a tolerance break so that you can rekindle the magic of using cannabis.

A Review of the Endocannabinoid System 

In order to understand how taking a break from weed could be good for your nervous system, let us review how cannabis affects the body in the first place. 

The human body comes equipped with an incredible feature called the endocannabinoid system, or ECS for short. The ECS is made up of receptors and delivers messages to our body.

The ECS helps our body to maintain homeostasis and affects things like: sleep, appetite, mood, gut health, skin, pain sensation, etc.

THC (tetrohydrocannibidol) fits like a puzzle piece into the CB1 receptor in the central nervous system, and is responsible for production of the intoxicating effects of cannabis, which can affect things like appetite and short-term memory. 

However, when you regularly flood your CB1 receptors with THC, the brain fights back by developing a tolerance. This tolerance is the brain’s defense to keep the CB1 receptors from withering away.

How to Begin a Tolerance Break

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Remember that as you begin this journey. 

If you are nervous to go cold turkey, start by smoking less cannabis than you usually do. If you smoke 3+ bowls a day, try and bring that number down to 1. Then, once you’ve reduced your consumption, you will be ready to go without. 

No more wake-n-bake! When you start your day off by smoking weed, you will spend the rest of your day chasing that high, and sadly, you will never be able to catch it.

After four days of not consuming weed, your body will stop craving it so intensely. Each day after the four days will get easier. If you find yourself struggling, try replacing weed with drinking more water, and exercise.

Before you know it, 21 days will have passed, and the remaining cannabis will have disappeared from the body. 

Benefits of a Tolerance Break

When you take a break from cannabis it can be difficult, especially for the first few days. 

But just like getting back in the gym after taking some time off, it is worthwhile. 

You start to realize the moments in your life that give you anxiety and cause you to reach for cannabis, and through your sober perspective, you can see who you are in those moments. 

Another bonus is that your dreams may become more vivid, and your memory more clear.

Your respiratory system can also use a break from inhaling smoke constantly. While weed smoke is not nearly as bad as cigarette smoke, it’s still not great to inhale smoke of any kind.

Easing Back into Weed

Once you have completed your T-Break and you are feeling ready to put some weed in your pipe and smoke it, try and make the most of your newly sharpened senses. 

Don’t just immediately fall back into your old habits of smoking all the time. You won’t need to. 

Less is more when you’re getting back into it. You will be able to feel the effects from one single bong rip for 2-3 hours as opposed to needing to pack another bowl 45 minutes later. 

You can also try swapping out your high THC/low CBD products for high CBD/low THC strains. Even a small amount of THC will help unlock the benefits of CBD.

While CBD doesn’t necessarily bond to CB2 receptors like THC binds to CB1 receptors, CBD still supports other related body systems, and does not affect your tolerance the way that THC does.

There is always the option to microdose! 

We live in the golden age of weed, and through using edibles you can consume as little as 2.5 milligrams of THC. The presence of this small amount of THC could be pivotal in your daily routine, but you won’t be able to feel it unless you start from zero.


There is something very comforting about packing bowls and going through the ritual of smoking with friends. 

However, there is a ceiling on how high you can get, meaning you can’t really get higher than high. Thus, it’s not cost effective to pack bowl after bowl just for the sake of smoking. 

You might be overdoing it on weed-smoking without  even meaning to. Try and see what it’s like to take one hit and wait for it to sink in. Really take it moment-to-moment instead of roasting bowl after bowl for no other reason other than habit. 

Another way to practice intentionality is to examine if you are smoking weed out of habit or out of physical, or spiritual need. When reaching for your stash box, ask yourself, am I just feeling bored, or will using cannabis right now enrich my life?

If before your tolerance break you were smoking each afternoon at 4:20, your body learns to expect that feeling at that time. By bringing intentionality to your ritual and smoking at different times, you may unlock different parts of yourself. 

Final Thoughts

Whether or not you are on or off the cannabis train, it is important to exercise your body! Going for 2 short walks a day will change the way that your body works for the best.  

Think about how a simple activity like using cannabis can inhance the quality of your life, and carry that intention with you 

Each time you grind up some flower and smoke, let it come from a place of appreciation.