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How to Grind Weed Without a Grinder

Have you ever been at a party, or about to hotbox a car when you realize that you don’t have all of the high-tech weed gear that you would have access to if you were at home? 

You might have a baggie of weed and a little set of rolling papers, but since you are out of your element maybe you don’t have your grinder… No worries! 

In this article we’re going to empower you to grind your weed without a grinder using unconventional methods. 

Why Does Weed Even Need to be Ground?

Before we go on this journey to grind our weed, let’s stop and consider why we even grind weed in the first place.

If you have a little nugget of bud, can’t you just stick it into the bowl of a pipe or a bong, light it on fire, and call it a day?

The answer is: no. You would have to hold a lighter on a nugget of herb that refuses to light for an extended period of time, eventually roasting it beyond recognition and not really even getting a hit. 

For weed to burn evenly and effectively, there needs to be space between the little bits of flower so that air can pass evenly through it. 

And so, we grind our weed. 

But I Don’t Have a Grinder

No problem, the pioneers didn’t have weed grinders either. 

Take stock of the resources you have at your disposal and weigh the options. Ask yourself, which of these solutions would take the least amount of prep work and clean up based on where I am?

Now, take a look at these options and see which one of them best suits your circumstance:

  1. Using your hands
  1. Using a coffee grinder
    • You will always begin by separating the leaves from the stems as best you can.
    • Make sure that the coffee grinder is fully clear of coffee bean dust.
    • Drop the pieces of weed into the coffee grinder and pulse two times for just one second. 
    • Coffee grinders are extremely efficient at chopping up material, and will easily grind your flower to dust, which burns up extremely fast and is not ideal for smoking. 
  1. Coin in a prescription bottle
    • Wash one or two coins using soap and water.
    • Find an empty, plastic prescription bottle. 
    • Throw your flower into the bottle and shake it like a maraca!
    • This is probably the fastest and most fun method, but not everyone has access to an empty prescription bottle in a pinch. 
  1. Shot glass/cup + scissors 
    • Make sure that your scissors and your glass are clean. 
    • Pick out the stems as best you can from the nug of weed and place the weed into the shot glass or cup.
    • Stick the scissors in the glass and gently slice up your cannabis with one hand while slightly rotating the cup with the other. 
  1. A cutting board and knife
    • Using a clean cutting board and a clean chef’s knife, gently and carefully cut up your cannabis as if you were julienning carrots. 
  1. A cheese grater and plate
    • Using a clean cheese grater, select the texture on the cheese grater that is smallest.
    • Be extremely cautious as you gently grate the cannabis bud back and forth. 
    • Seriously- be careful. Do not accidentally grate a piece or your skin or nails off.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are many ways to grind your weed in a pinch, including to pinch the weed apart.

Consider your surroundings, the resources you have available to you, and get creative! 

You might even discover a new way to grind weed without a grinder, one that we didn’t even mention.