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Comparing Pipes and Bubblers

Bubblers may look complicated, but they are actually super similar to pipes. A bubbler is made to hold water, which makes it an extra-lit way to smoke weed! In this article, we’re going to highlight the ways that smoking a bubbler is different from a pipe (and more fun!).

What is a Bubbler

A bubbler functions just like a regular (dry) pipe with the carb and the bowl and the mouthpiece. But! Bubblers contain an extra space underneath the bowl for a little bit of fresh water. 

Bubblers are notorious for their incredibly fun and whimsical designs. Not only are they individual pieces of art, but they are also water pipes that fit in your hand and tend to be surprisingly durable. 

When you inhale smoke from a bubbler it makes bubbles (duh), but not just for fun. These bubbles provide the same health benefits that smoking from any big water pipe does: Filtration! 

Smoking weed through water means that less butane (from lighters), ash, and resin go straight into the lungs because these things must first pass through water. 

Water also cools down the cannabis smoke that is about to go into your lungs, making the hits of smoke way less harsh. 

So it’s Just a Regular Pipe, But With A Little Bit of Water?

Yes! The design of a regular pipe sans water is called a “spoon” pipe. Bubblers are handheld, just like a spoon pipe, so if this whole time you were picturing a giant bong… that’s not what this is.

Technically you could smoke a bubbler dry without water, but why would you want to? A bubbler only requires a little bit of water inside of the apparatus. 

You should test the water level before adding cannabis to the bowl. 

Simply inhale through the mouthpiece and take your thumb on and off of the carb after adding water. You are checking to make sure that there is enough water to make bubbles, but not so much water that creates splashback.

“Splashback” is a stoner lingo term for when water from the pipe being smoked makes your mouth or the bowl wet. 

Bubbler Pros

Glassblowers are able to make small glass bubblers more quickly and with less material than is required for bongs, which makes these gadgets very cost-effective. 

Because of the compact size of a bubbler, these pieces are more durable than one would imagine. Less surface area of glass means fewer chances of breakage. 

Bubblers and water pipes in general are believed to be more healthy because they save you from those awful pieces of burnt ash (also known as, “Scooby Snacks”) that sometimes end up in your mouth when smoking a dry pipe.

It is even easier to smoke a bubbler than a bong because in most cases you won’t need to remove the down-stem at all. The bowl is usually fixed to the piece. If you are smoking a rare bubbler that doesn’t have a carb, THEN you will need to remove the bowl to access your smoke. 

Bubblers can also work great for dabs if you are able to find one with the right size quartz banger attachment.

Smoking from a water pipe or bong will make your weed smoke taste better and allow you to experience the subtle flavanoids of your cannabis. If it sounds nice, that’s because it is.

And finally, bubblers are very beautiful! Each design is unique, while also being portable. 

Transform a beach or any outdoor view into a temporary living room complete with a cute little water pipe and make your smoke session extra special.

Bubbler Cons

It can be a slight hassle having to clean out a bubbler by pouring out the stinky, used weed water each time you are done smoking.

There will come a time when you will need to soak your bubbler in a Ziplock baggie full of isopropyl alcohol and salt to clean the gunk and resin from the inside. 

If simply shaking the Ziplock bag doesn’t seem to do the trick, you may need to get your hands on some pipe cleaners from a craft store and wiggle the larger, stickier chunks of resin out of the bendy parts of your bubbler. 

Cleaning your glass paraphernalia is an important part of smoking any type of pipe or bong and is not unique to bubblers, so you may as well get used to it. 

In Conclusion 

A bubbler is a fabulous and inexpensive way to step up your smoking game. 

You will be the toast of the out-of-home smoke session for busting out one of these babies unexpectedly. A bubbler is also perfect for personal use, it can transform your end-of-day smoke into a little party for one.

Your homework is to pop into a random headshop and see what kinds of bubblers they have on the shelf!