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Best Places to Hide a Joint

You have your closed-minded in-laws staying for the weekend. Maybe you have a group of friends coming over. But, they always bring that one sketchy fella, and when they leave, there is always something missing. It’s possible that you only smoke every now and again, so it's not something that's just hanging out around the house. The best places to hide a joint all depend on where this hiding spot will be. Somewhere in your home? Are you traveling on a plane and want to make it past TSA? Or just get past security in general, like at a festival? 

There is a little more to stashing away your doobie, whether it’s to hide it from roommates, family, kids, pets, or to keep the smell down, or perhaps you just want to have a fat joint rolled up and still be there when you get home from work. You are about to be shocked at the number of simple ways you can find the best places to hide a joint. From stash boxes to beauty products all the way to wearing it on your body, we’ve got every nook and cranny figured out for you!


Why Do I Need to Hide a Joint?

Well, aside from the most obvious reason, that recreational marijuana use is still illegal, there are still a couple. Many cannabis users are parents to humans or living animals…. Yes, pet parents. These little bundles of joy can get into the most bizarre hiding spots with curiosity. Also, it doesn’t look good when you have to explain to the Vet or Doctor how you left your stash out. Snap out of it, good vibes. 

Even though it isn’t technically ‘hiding’, many of us like to use stash boxes for our marijuana because it preserves it and keeps it fresh for much longer. While exposure to water can lead to mold and illness, this is not a concern when it comes to weed containers. 
The real issue is that the THC in your stash will naturally degrade over time, regardless of how well you store it. If you store your weed in a glass container that is airtight and designed to keep smells contained, it can remain potent for a period of 6 months to 1 year. However, research has shown that after one year, the THC content in your bud will decrease by 16%. To achieve the best results, aim for a humidity level of around 62% when curing your buds. This will help to avoid overdrying and result in a great taste and texture.

Wearables for Events

If you are on the go or attending an event, the joint you stashed away back home isn’t going to help much. Plus, some of us have a horrible memory when it comes to remembering where that secret stash could be after a few days. It’s not the Woodstock days, where over 500,000 people joined together and multiple reports stated that at least 93% of those attending Woodstock were smoking marijuana. So walking around with a joint tucked behind your ear was nothing out of the ordinary. What’s an event without a doobie?

A study done by The American Addiction Centers found that 40% of concert attendees smoked marijuana at the event. 93% of participants drank alcoholic beverages, so it’s safe to say that the event at this study was taken had a pretty cool crowd.

Here is how you walk confidently into an event and spark one up. Also, keep in mind, it’s a concert… with thousands of people who are most likely doing at least one illegal thing. Keeping out of a security officers sight is top priority if you don’t want to get busted over a joint.

Cigarette Pack

This is one of those obvious hiding places if you are getting pulled over or if someone else is searching for it. As far as clearance into an event… Security will most likely not ask you to open the cigarette pack and show each cigarette. If you are one of those amazing and empathetic people who let a few people bum a smoke, double, no triple check that you aren’t handing out that marijuana cigarette.

Security Compartment Belt

It’s hard to say that belts will ever go out of style. With the many advantages, like being so close to your no-no zone, they are secured so no passer-byer can yank if off of you. It can store more than just your joint! Money, tickets, phone, wallet, keys, etc. But, this is also a pretty fragile area to have a joint kind of loosey goosey around your waste. Someone bumps into you or for any reason it gets smushed… party over. Look for a security compartment belt that has an anti-theft feature and an easily accessible zippered compartment.

Fanny Pack or Pouch

We might be getting a little tricky with this one. Thanks to this 90’s trend coming back full force, the fanny pack has been reimagined for the 21st century and we are here for it! You should expect for security to ask you to open so they can poke around and look for booze or harmful weapons. There is a small chance they might find a loose joint rolling around and hopefully look the other way or toss it. There is an even bigger chance that the all might doobie gets crushed within the first hour of the event. If you are ready to go big and not go home, a smell proof pouch with a lock is your ticket. Look for hardshell cases that are smell proof and have a locking feature.


Probably the least noticeable of all options. The public is becoming more aware of the advanced features we are seeing in eyewear today. There isn’t much to be suspicious about when it comes to your sexy sunnies. When it comes to attire like ball caps, it’s not one of the best places to hide a joint when at an event. Hats can easily come off, and the stash compartment is not made to hold a fatty. The only downfall of sunglasses that have a secret compartment…. There is only room for a .5 gram joint in both arms of the sunglasses.

One last hidden secret for the lads and ladies with luscious locks. Hide more than just good vibes up there! Dreads and messy buns are the perfect canvas for pinning joints to your roots!

Airport Travel and TSA

You too like to live dangerously? But, if you haven’t booked a flight in quite a while, you will be relieved to know that since the legalization of this medicine, it’s not going to make you miss your flight. Plus, TSAs aren’t real cops, respectively. Although it is still considered ‘illegal’, they do have the authority to contact local police if you are also carrying a machete and Molotov Cocktails. 
If you pack your joint(s) correctly and act like you are the vanilla, straight-laced traveler they think you are, you deserve to treat yourself to that $30 snack while sitting at your gate. In the past couple of years, airports like Chicago O’Hare have added Cannabis Amnesty Boxes. These easy-to-spot blue boxes are available at each TSA checkpoint. If you have taken a few of the pointers in this article and still feel the paranoid anxiety on top of the flying anxiety, it’s all good. Toss your Illinois legal pot in the bin, wipe your hands clean, and make your way through security.

In Your Checked Bag NOT Your Carry-On

We aren’t here to tell you how to live your life; you do you. But unless you plan on lighting up the joint on the ✈️, you really shouldn’t have it tag along with you to your window seat. Also, to be an extra step ahead of the law, anything over 3.5 grams is going to raise a few questions. If you aren’t planning on checking a bag and have to resort to finding the best places to hide a joint in your carry-on, this is the best advice that you definitely should NOT follow.

Packing Your Suitcase

Definitely not your carry-on, right? For a tried and true hiding spot (sorry, fellas, this one might be a little more challenging for you), empty out a few tampon applicators. Put them back into the packaging and get yourself a traveling smell-proof stash bag to store your “feminine hygiene” products. Many travelers in the stoner community swear by wrapping it in a gift. “Oh, I am traveling with this gift for my Great Aunt.” how dare they to open up her gift!

When all else fails as far as making you feel confident when traveling with a joint, Saran Wrap, or any cling wrap, will help substantially with the smell. As far as a ball of wrapped up cling wrap, a little sus.


For those who are looking for drugs, the last thing they would want to search through is a stash of feminine products. This is why female marijuana users can use faux tampons to hide their stash. The process is simple: remove the tampon from the applicator, insert the marijuana bag, and reseal the tampon bag with glue. This allows for easy transportation of a whole box of "tampons" without drawing any attention.

Best Places to Hide a Joint at Home

Thanks to the massive community on Reddit, r/StonerProTips has a few wildly insane solutions. From ripping up your carpet to leaving it in plain sight! So, depending on your end goal, the best places to hide a joint at home are going to be places that you remember.

It’s Not Always About Hiding The Joint

Sober Thoughts ≄ Stoner Thoughts

When finding the perfect home for your joint…. In your home, there are a few things you should ponder. Is this going to be a stationary location? The joint stays where you put it, whether it be hidden or not. Or, would you like to have a designated spot to put your joints when you aren’t using them, whether at home or on the go? The results are pretty universal ???? ????


Are you hiding this someone in particular? Think about where they would search. Are they going to be looking at your picture frames? How about the dishes in your cabinet?? Are you hiding this someone in particular? Think about where they would search. Are they going to be looking at your picture frames? How about the dishes in your cabinet??

Smell Proof Bags

Many stores offer smell-proof bags with official cannabis branding for sale. You can also search for plastic bags with a density of 90 microns. This thickness will guarantee that the bag is strong and sturdy enough to contain the smell of particles from your marijuana within the bag. Additionally, these bags will help keep your marijuana fresh for a longer period of time, which is a double benefit.

DIY Option

Technically, the smell-proof bag itself isn’t the hiding spot; it just makes a sub-par hiding spot level up. Not into the little dime baggies? If you need the best places to hide a joint in your home, and you need it now, give these options a little research:

Final Thoughts on the Best Places to Hide a Joint

For all of the cannabis lovers who need to hide a joint for reasons like going to an event, traveling, and even at home, there are solutions. Having small bouts of anxiety or paranoia is a total buzz kill; We don’t stand for that. If you are really short on time, have no plan, or just want to be safe, keep your preroll in the package it came in! Many are smell-proof and can be sealed very tightly. So go to that concert, take that vacation, and welcome all guests into your home!